Just a trucker?!  I'm as long as twelve of you and weigh as much as twenty.  I monitor 18 gauges, 12 warning lights, and 9 mirrors.  It takes me ten times as long as you to get up to highway speed, and twenty times as long to stop.  I have special laws I have to learn and memorize, because there are thousands of special law enforcement officers whose sole purpose is to keep me from screwing up.  I operate two dozen various valves, switches, and controls.  I do all of this while you drive like an idiot behind me, in front of me, and on the side of me.  I leave my family and friends behind and live in a box so you don't have to run out of toilet paper.  So don't curse me; thank me.  And if that's too much for you, stop buying stuff!!
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Time flies and some of us tell time by the home we live in, the number of kids we have or the car we drive.  But others tell time by the rig they drive.  From a day cab to a sleeper, to a bigger sleeper, and now to a condo. Bryan and Jamie definitely have something to be proud of.
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